Pusth notifications

Search for perfect job and track applications

Employers can search for perfect candiate, short list and schdule interview

Jobstoapp on iOS and Android is the next generation of job searching and hiring

Champion of Recruitment

Jobstoapp is the next generation of recruitment tool that allows job seekers and employers to be bridged without a third party. There is no hazzle of going through CV or waiting for the right candidate to apply for you. The recruiters can simply search the database and send request to right candidate and candidates can simply apply with just one click. So what are you waiting for, get your free registration today

Simple interface

Jobstoapp comes with with simple initiative user interface that anyone can use

Push notifications

Get push notifications when job applied and accepted and new jobs listed

Save your favorite jobs or candidates

Save your favorite jobs or candidates for later review with the one click save and interested features in the app. Later you can review and apply with ease

Complete Profile

The app allows to build complete profile with guided instructions. Its easy to use than traditional job posting software since the effort to apply for a job is minimum

Upload CV and Certificates

Jobstoapp allows users to upload their CV and certificates just using the app or just taking photo from the camera. These can be reviewed later.

Facebook integration

Jobstoapp have built in integration with Facebook and google where you can simply sign up using your Facebook profile

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